my research though for my dissertation is parents and teachers perceptions of how carribean culture influences views about mental illness and stigma in the school environment when it comes to academic achievement

My research though for my dissertation is: Parents’ and teachers’ perceptions of how Carribean culture influences views about mental illness and stigma in the school environment. When it comes to academic achievement.

The Assignment (4–5 pages):

  • Cite and annotate 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals that you would include in your literature review. In your annotation, be sure to explain how the articles relate to your possible dissertation topic.

Need to be written in APA format

Need an abstract

Question to address

  • a brief summary (2-4 sentences) of the article, including the author’s name and what you think is the author’s primary point or thought;
  • a description of the intended audience;
  • how the article illuminates your bibliography topic;
  • an evaluation of the source’s usefulness, reliability, strengths and weaknesses and its value for your research;
  • how this specific article relates to another article in your bibliography
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