Cyber stalking is a relatively new kind of crime which has been enhanced by the development of technology. This is a kind of the offense that has been mainly affecting the highest percentage of invisible victims, and it relates primarily to what is said rather than what has been done to the victim. This includes issue such as online harassment which eventually might graduate to a kind of real life stalking where the victim ends up in an inner suffering. There is, therefore, the need for the law enforcement to have the necessary legal solutions to the issues related to cyber stalking (In Cuevas and In Rennison, 2013). It is clear that this kind of crime need aggression as well as an understanding of high level to ensure that the offense does not escalate further and become a wound in the heart of many citizens. States such as California have paved the way for many other states and country to follow as they deal with this new nature of cyber stalking.

The state of Missouri

  The state of Missouri in the United States has some of the strongest cyber stalking laws. The laws are included in the violence against the person and are contained in chapter 565 if the statutes which have been revised recently in 2011. A person is deemed to commit a crime in case they communicate a threat that shows that they intend to commit such offenses. This involves coarse and offensive language that might in a way affects the sensibility and put a person in a risk of harm (Brenner, 2010). This can also happen when communication to some extent seems to frighten as well as intimidate; it can also cause some emotional distress to a person should be considered as a stalking issue that should address the issue of harassment and bully across different sections of the society.

Effectiveness of the laws

  The law as per the use in the state has been efficient and helpful to the national and the state government law enforcement agencies in protecting against stalking. It has limited the way people misuse the freedom of speech as a way or a weapon that is just directed to others without care or concern about their feeling. However, like other states and nations, it has been hard to implement the laws especially when it comes to cyber stalking. The offenders have not been adequately deterred by the law to act wrongly or to communicate in an unlawful manner. Issues of cyber bullying are becoming common across the state but with the continuous development of the law, it might be possible to ease the problem of harassment in an online platform.


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When you review the law, do you see any flaws or loopholes?” 

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