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You will submit a response (at least 500 words) from the readings for the upcoming class session. Responses should (1) briefly summarize the main points of an article or text chapter of your choosing for that week, (2) draw connections between those main points and your own observations, and (3) then raise an issue or question for further discussion in class (in that order). The blog posts will serve as the basis for discussion each week; therefore students should bring a copy of his or her own reading response to class and be prepared to elaborate on the points raised. Your reading responses are expected to demonstrate thoughtful engagement with and understanding of (or reflective questions about) the themes of the texts. A great reading response will include specific details about the work you are responding to, and will either provide specific examples or quotes from the text. You will exchange your papers with classmates who will be expected to (1) validate an idea from your paper with their own experience(s), (2) expand on the points you have made in your reading response, or (3) share a new insight gained from having read your response.

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