Please note this assignment is not a report or a research paper, this is a literature review paper. My assignment is for English 1010 class about Aging. seven resources are required.

Literature Review thrives on your exploration into an academic conversation. Identify the main issues and conversation points.  Then students will enunciate the conversation points in thematic oriented sections. It is required to read through each article provided and write a summary of the main ideas and compare them with each other in an organized way including transition paragraphs.

In the attachments, I have attached an A+ example paper, the seven resources and the literature Review Rubric for grading. Please work only from the resources I have provided directly, make sure to have a thesis statement, follow the criteria, and maintain unbiased literature review for authors.

***The sources should be scholarly and journal articles. “You can choose them”

-I want my topic to include:

1- Health

2-use of the technology for elderly people. 

I attached my proposal paper, and it will give you a general idea about what I want my paper to be about. 


  • 15+ pages; Thirteen pages of writing and two pages of citations.
  • Adhere to appropriate Literature Review guidelines.
  • Citations should follow a standard citation format.
  • MLA page and citation guidelines.

*Please if you think you can follow the grading criteria and give an A paper, contact with me. 

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