need a final draft for my rough draft essay

Hello i need a final draft for my rough draft essay. needs alot of stuff added with lots of improvements. will provide everything below.

original instructions. I chose the 3rd topic.

You have three choices—you will be responding to only ONE of these. My advice in making your pick is this: Don’t automatically go with the one you feel most strongly about; instead, choose the question for which you have the most supporting evidence. Think about which question for which you have the most examples.

My expectations:

  • A clear, arguable thesis that unifies the entire essay
  • Topic sentences that unify each paragraph
  • Brief quotes from two or more of our assigned addiction essays (use quotes, but do not worry about MLA format).

DO NOT simply summarize the assigned essays. I have read them already! I want mostly YOUR thoughts, ideas, and conclusions.

Choose ONE of the following prompts:

  1. Discuss the differences, if any, among addictions, compulsions, and habits. In your conclusion, discuss why it matters or doesn’t matter whether we make these distinctions.
  2. Briefly compare and contrast the authors’ arguments regarding treating addiction. Which author makes the most compelling argument, and why?
  3. Gabor Maté argues that addiction (ranging from heroin to the internet) stems from “discomfort, the inability to be in the present moment because the present moment is too painful” (Simon and Dockett 44). Is he right?

My answer.

As Gabor Mate argues that addiction stems from “discomfort, the inability to be in the present moment because the present moment is too painful”.I agree with Mate’s arguement 100%.Not just from facts or opinions but from my own personal experience.As i do know someone myself who abuses drugs themselves.It only makes sense that this is the main cause of addiction.To just get away from reality.

Even in “The Addict In All of us” states that the main cause of addiction is from emotional suffering.Just like gabor mates statement that the present moments is to painful.Something could have happened to someone while they were a child or any point in there life.which would make them traumatized and don’t want no memory of they go do drugs to get high so they can escape and won’t have to face reality.Gabor Mate states child suffering is a main cause to addiction.”I’d say that an addiction manifests in any behavior that a person finds temporary pleasure or relief in and therefore craves, suffers negative consequences from, and has trouble giving up”.

I mean even with all the facts it just makes sense.someone suffered something traumatic and painful whether when they were a kid or any point in their i bet they do think about it most of time and has cause them alot of they turn to drugs to take away the negative thoughts that they have.addiction is not a choice or inheritance it serves to a higher purpose. A comfort a distraction from pain, a soothing of stress said by mate.

As i said before i also agree from personal experience.i know someone close to me who abuses drugs.after reading this article it only makes sense why that someone is doing this drug.i know of something that happened to someone i know at a young age that most likely caused a lot of emotional suffering and stress. somewhere along the line as he grew up he changed started doing drugs. and im sure its cause of that emotional suffering as a child that happened to him.So he does drugs now to escape from that pain.this is a perfect and personal example from myself.

I loved reading gabor Mate because im sure that hes right and agree with him.the main cause of addiction is emotional suffering at any point in someone’s life.this is not a choice or inheritance they do this to escape reality,escape those negative thoughts and all that pain they have built up inside of them.

All based of the article “The addict in all of us” i will attach it with also other articles you can use.

final instructions for final draft


(3 pages means the text hits the very bottom of page 3, with 1-inch margins)

If you include quotes from our articles, the paper must be followed by a Works Cited page in MLA format. This does NOT count toward the 3-page minimum.

Click Here for Information on MLA Formatting (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

DIRECTIONS: Please underline your thesis statement. Put each topic sentence in bold. (A topic sentence is the main idea of each paragraph, that supports the larger thesis.) At the end of your essay, answer the following questions:

1. What aspects of your paper are you proud of?
2. What areas of your paper do you think need the most improvement?
3. What would you most like feedback on, if anything?

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