need sociology questions answered

attached are the questions that need to be answered

Below is the template example of how the professor wants things answered

Answer all of the following questions. The length should be approximately ¾ to 1 page per question, so be sure to organize and edit your answers—I find that it is easier to write long, rambling answers than organized cohesive responses. Single-space is fine, but I am not fussy on this. In terms of reference style: In sociology we use a reference such as (Newman 2017) to refer to the a book and year of copyright.

For example, Newman (2017) defines sociological imagination as……

In terms of the blackboard articles, you could simply refer to the author’s name, e.g., McIntyre 2013. Because I am familiar with all the articles on blackboard for the course, you could simplify things by using the authors name–though in the case of McIntyre, there are two articles so you should refer to “Hernando Washington,” or “Doing the Right Thing.” When you quote directly, you should provide the page number, when you simply paraphrase, you just need the author’s name.

This is something that simply lets me know the source of your quotes and material you refer to within the readings more generally, so there isn’t any reason to stress.

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