new tech amp global project

APA format

Remember what Ingvar Kamprad said, “The fear of making mistakes is the root of bureaucracy and the enemy of all evolution.” So take chances when envisioning the future.

Consider the ways new technology is changing so many things in our lives. And how rapidly those changes are taking place. Think about all those things unknown in the recent past which are now embedded in our everyday lives: search engines, the cloud, fit bits, smart phones, hovercraft, Segway, robotics, Facetime, Uber, ID retina scans, Google Earth, virtual reality, instant translation handsets, etc. The list sometimes seems endless.

Please envision how these new technologies and technologies on the short-term horizon might be applied to your future global projects in the next 1–10 years. Can you envision wasy that the new technologies could transform global sourcing, deliveries, project communications, off-shoring, quality testing, project teams, project planning or any other aspect of your global projects.

Consider that Frederick Smith, founder of FedEx, submitted a term paper at Yale describing a new hub & spoke concept for routing parcels. He got a C on the paper and was told it was a totally impractical idea! So never be afraid to think out of the box.

Write a 2-3 page paper about applying new technology and innovation to modify/change/improve the way you manage your future global projects.

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