Nietzsche drastically departs discussion help

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Post from Nate- Nietzsche drastically departs from all philosophers we have study to date.  He casts out rationalism and the teachings of Judeo–Christian moralities. He believes the philosophies of the Greeks and enlightened era present false moralities that continue to weaken society. He agrees with them to the extent that are two types of moralities which he terms a master morality and a slave morality. He holds that the good morality or good will or just good is that of master type and is held in esteem by the intellectual thinkers and philosophers as traits they see in themselves and how people should aspire to be. The slave morality is something that he holds for the “common herd” and related to evil or bad morality. He holds to these ideals in that he differentiates the intellectual thinker from the common person. Nietzsche subscribes to belief of the survival of the fittest, but takes that Darwinian tenet a step further. Where Darwinism says evolution adapts to overcome environmental obstacles. Nietzsche believes true morality is to overpower the environment and natural world and command it.

 He sees sympathy, empathy and charity as weakness, He believes that any ethical theory that goes against survival and existence are bade moralities. He believes in the ethical theory of the will to power. Nietzsche states “I regard Christianity as the most fatal and seductive lie that has ever existed – as the greatest and most impious lie: I can discern the last sprouts and branches of its ideal beneath every form of disguise, I decline to enter into any compromise or false position in reference to it- I urge people to declare open war with it” (Pg218) I disagree with Nietzsche because people are generally stronger tighter than as individuals. It would seem to promote instability and chaos if everyone acted out self-interest and removed the weak with the strongest on constant basis. I find very interesting that he was a man of great intellect but poor health and physical strength. Depending on the society values he could be consider the weak one and replaced with the strong.

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