north korean nuclear weapons issue

You will write an 8-10 page research paper analyzing the current crisis over the North Korean nuclear weapons issue. Your analysis must cover multiple aspects of foreign policy making, such as the balance of power (regional or global), decision-making approaches and constraints, nuclear proliferation in the region, etc.

The paper should contain a title page, abstract, 8-10 pages of content, and a bibliography. Paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, numbered in the upper right corner. The paper must contain an introductory paragraph which explains the topic and the argument paper will make and a concluding paragraph which wraps up the main points of the paper without introducing any new information.

Abstract should be no more than a half page, single-spaced, and should provide a clear concise explanation of the argument your paper will make and the key evidence you located which supports your argument.

Paper must use a minimum of 10 sources, with a minimum of two primary sources and two academic journals. Restrict your sources to newspaper articles from major national and international papers, published journals and magazine articles, and websites from major organizations and government agencies. Scholarly books are good, if you have time to read them carefully. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are not appropriate sources for college level work. Online sources are fine, but they must be authoritative sources. Wikipedia,, and other nonacademic websites are not acceptable sources. (Bear in mind that anyone can submit an article to Wikipedia.) You may use the sources assigned for this course, but you may not count them toward the minimum sources for your project.

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