old and the new 1

Professor and class,

The Old Testament contains many laws, given to the Israelites at the time such as the Ten Commandments. Christians follow more closely the New Testament where as the teachings are more clearer and it brings more perspective to the Old Testament laws. Molloy (2013) said that “Christianity grew out of Judaism” (p. 345). The Old Testament speaks of not eating unclean meat or wearing clothing that is mixed linens such as wool and linen.

In the New Testament, such as Ephesians 2:15-16, say abolishing the law with its commandments and legal claims, that he might create in himself one new person, in place of the two, thus establishing peace, and might reconcile both with God, in one body, through the cross, putting that enmity to death by it. The way Christians see this today is when Christ diet on the cross, he set aside his flesh, along with the laws and regulations starting anew.


Molloy, M. (2013). Experiencing the world’s religions (6th ed.). New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.


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