one page cover letter another page questions for informational interview

I want you to do one page Cover Letter + another page Questions for informational interview

I sent you three files

One word file has the task description

Another world file has the marking criteria for the cover letter

And ppt file has the samples of the cover letter and shows you how to write the cover letter (make sure you display it as a slideshow so that you can see all the animations)

So for the cover letter when you wants to write the skills you should rely on the career action plan

So that it make sense

For the informational interview questions you should imagine a position in an organisation or a room like for example pollution control specialist and then based on that do the questions

After A few weeks we gonna do (or fake) an informational interview to some one in that position and do a reflection on

For the cover letter we will need to submit a copy of the rule or position that being advertised ( so you need to find a graduate position that I might apply for and this can be either here in Australia or Oman )

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