one question only answer the question and write report

Q2 . Find out the main three requirements the Schlumberger company has met to set up its business in Oman and outline the main two challenges the company is trying to handle with respect to“Omanization” ?

instructions :

ï‚· 1000 words.

ï‚· Specific submission guidelines should be strictly followed .

ï‚· Discussion / answers to each task shall carry specific marks as detailed in this individual assignment (IA)

ï‚· Avoid Plagiarism

* Citation required in each paragraph


*you are expected to use different sources of information – primary and secondary data.

*The report should contain a title, table of contents, introduction (goal and objectives of report, main sources used, structure etc.), body (answers to all questions of the assignment), list of references, appendixes.

5. Adequate referencing (use Harvard style of referencing) should be done in the report.

6. The computer generated report should be in 12, Times New Roman and black and white. Coloured exhibits should be avoided in the report.

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