option 1 individual tax returns case 1 please read


Hi there!

So I have been completing this project throughout the semester and these milestones should guide you, half the work is already done. I will attach below all the milestones and comments from professor. I do have some things that the professor says that I should fix and he explains exactly what to fix, so please fix those issues as you go along. I need an A on this assignment so please be meticulous. I will attach the milestone and then a screen shot of the professors comment.


Option #1: Individual Tax Returns—Case 1

Because it is important for accountants to demonstrate the filing requirements for individual tax returns, for this final project you will be completing an individual tax return and then analyzing this experience. There are several requirements for this project that should be submitted during the weeks when there are Portfolio Project Milestones (Modules 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7) and that contribute to your final grade in this project.

Key Component:
Using the case data from the Case 1, complete the provided template that has the respective tax forms (Page 1 of Form 1040 and schedules) to complete the tax return. Complete all the applicable parts of the tax forms. Also, address any instructor feedback provided in the milestone submissions.

Submit your tax return and computations to the dropbox identified for that submission.

Review the Portfolio Project grading rubric to understand how you will be graded on this Portfolio Project. Contact your instructor if you have questions about the Portfolio Project.

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