organizational structuring of the kimpton hotel

analyze and synthesize data acquired from an illustrative, fictional case study (see below) and present the findings in a paper. The audience for this paper is organizational development specialists and business executives who are attendees at a professional OD association meeting.

Use the organization you identified in the Module 4 Critical Thinking Assignment (in either option). This organization should serve as the beginning of the final case study, however:

  • If you completed the Module 4, Option #1 Critical Thinking Assignment, you will already have some of this information collected and created regarding the fictional organization.

Your project will include:

  • An illustrative, fictional case study
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Analysis and feedback methods
  • Appropriate organizational development intervention options with the inclusion of general risk and value scenarios
  • Evaluation methods and planned changes
  • References of outside sources including academic sources

Your final paper must be 6-8 pages long, cite a minimum of five sources,

Using the following paper as a starting point,

  1. Identify an organization that you’d like to work for. Explain why you hope to work for this company and then, provide the following information about this organization: The corporation I would like to work for is Kimpton Hotels and restaurants. The Kimpton Company is made up of hotels, small boutiques, as well as restaurants all over the world. This year Kimpton made number 6 on the Fortune 1100 best places to work. The company offers a positive corporate culture as well as strong employee benefits, which include travel, which is a hobby of mine. To work at a company that can help you achieve goals in your personal life, such as traveling the world, is a bonus for any employee.
    1. Vision/mission: At Kimpton, our shared mission is to make people’s lives better through heartfelt human connections. It’s a level of emotional investment you won’t find elsewhere. It’s what drives all that we do, and it’s what inspires a sense of belonging for our guests and employees alike (, 2018).
    2. Strategy: The strategy of Kimpton is if you have dedicated employees and staff, your customers will be happy. The employee’s perks are generous and include. Kimpton has the everyday compensation package, complete with healthcare, 401K, tuition reimbursement, and so on. Yet they go the extra mile and add other items to their package. An employee can stay at any and all Kimpton hotels for just $50 a night. Employee and his/her immediate family (mother, father, spouse, domestic partner, child, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister). They not only have the normal bereavement they have pet bereavement as well. Bill’s Honor Roll This perk was developed to give encouragement and recognition for our employees’ children who’ve achieved academic success through hard work and commitment to schoolwork. Each child receives a congratulation note from Mike DeFrino, CEO and a gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (, 2018). Sabbatical: Kimpton’s general managers, executive chefs, Home Office and regional employees of director status or higher receive one month of paid sabbatical leave for every seven years of service (, 2018)
    3. Product/service: Kimpton offers a boutique hotel experience in many locations throughout the world. Kimpton also runs many restaurants in most of their hotels. Since the hospitality business relies on customer satisfaction, Kimpton makes life better on the road. That’s because we believe that human, heartfelt connections are what make life worth living. So, we come to work every day eager to lavish them on our guests and each other. It’s nice to have that on your daily “to do” list (, 2018).
    4. Business model: Kimpton was recently acquired by IHC, no changes will be made to the Kempton brand, IHC is a franchise and each hotel is locally owned.
    5. Organizational structure: Although the organizational structure of the hotel’s front office varies depending upon whether the facility is larger or smaller. Kimpton’s Hotels are all smaller Boutique hotels. This shows not only in the customer satisfaction area, but in the personalized culture to employees.
  2. Based upon research about this organization, create a survey instrument to measure overall employee satisfaction. Develop survey questions that are quantitative in nature and are easy to understand. A questionnaire used for Employee Opinion Surveys typically contain questions that are easy to score. These items may be developed to measure different dimensions of the organization

Survey for Kimpton employees:

  1. Do you understand the Vision of the organization?
  • Do you know what your role is in helping the company meet its goals?
  • Does your team inspire you to do your best work (, 2018)?
  • My Supervisor is willing to listen to my ideas.(rate disagree, strongly disagree, agree, or strongly agree).
  • My Manager is available to meet when I have questions or suggestions. (rate disagree, strongly disagree, agree, or strongly agree).
  • I feel communication is good between management and employees. (rate disagree, strongly disagree, agree, or strongly agree).
  • Do you see a link between the work you perform and reaching the Kimpton’s goals?
  • I know in a good amount of time when important things happen. (rate disagree, strongly disagree, agree, or strongly agree).
  • Is your team helpful to you in completing your work?
  1. How do you feel about your team?
  • Once you have completed your survey instrument, provide an explanation, step by step, of why you included the information that you did on the instrument. For example, if you included a section about demographic information, justify your rationale for doing so. I chose to do a questioner, it is the simplest way to ascertain the

feelings of the employees and can be recorded as data. The questions chosen were to receive a sense of communication, morale, organizational culture, and overall satisfaction of the employee. The first question is important, the OD wants to know if the employees recognize the vision of the company they are working for. The second and eighth question are as the first, to establish if the employee understands their role in the organization. Three through seven establish the communication and relationship of employees and management. Questions 9 and 10 relate to not only communication, but to the corporate culture as well. Through the questioner the OD may ascertain the companies satisfaction of the employees which combined with proper training and communication, leads to prevention of unethical practices within the company.

The questioner can be a helpful resource in the collection of data. As the OD collects the data they need to remember an interview after the questioner may be advisable. Questioners are the most efficient way to collect data. Questioners typically contain fixed response queries about various features of an organization, these measures can be administered to large numbers of people simultaneously (Cummings & Worley, 2015, p.127).


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