paper 37

Project Name: Importance of a Robust Software Testing Process in the IT Industry for Delivering a Successful Project

Description of research project:

Conducting research to find Solution for all the problems faced by IT industry to safeguard the reputation of an organization. The testing conducted in IT industry will help to improve reliability, performance and as well as help in delivering the project on time.

Purpose: Delivering a bug free software by conducting robust Software Testing in the IT industry.Issue: The problems faced by the IT industry in the present world are not delivering the project on time, exceeding the budget, issues in the application, functional and non-functional requirements missing in the project.

  1. Instrumentation: Describe any instruments you anticipate using to collect data
    1. From where data will be collected?
    2. Who will collect the data?
    3. The frequency of data collection events.
    4. Duration of data collection events.
    5. How will data be recorded?
  2. Procedure: Provide the detail about how you anticipate conducting the research
  3. Data Processing and Analysis: Explain, in detail, how you anticipate processing and analyzing collected data
    1. The connection of data to a specific research question.
    2. Type of and procedure for coding.
    3. Any software used for analysis.
    4. The manner of treatment of discrepant cases.
  1. Summary
  2. Results (Should include, Include the results of your study, Include figures and tables along showing visual comparisons, Include narrative text (not bullet points) describing the comparisons)
  3. Discussion
  4. Conclusion


Instrumentation, Procedure, Data Processing and Analysis need to be the side headings in the paper (10 pages).

Summary, Results, Discussion and Conclusion needs to be 15pages

APA format

Journals 1: Participants, Journals 2: Procedure, Journals 3: Data processing, Journals 4: data Analysis, Journals 5: conclusion, finding/results, summary: each 1 page with paragraph citations (overview of all the work)

word documents and ppt need to be submitted.

0% plagiarism

paper should have 10 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Paragraph in-text citation (each paragraph need to be cited)

100% quality work needed

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