paper for correction and proofreading 1

This paper is 6 pages first I want you to reduce it to 4 pages than after do a proofreading make sure all sentences are complete sentences.

The assignments in this course build on one another to culminate in your Program Evaluation Plan. In order to plan a program evaluation, we must first understand the program and the needs of the population served.

Look at the paper to see if I use the elements in bold below as headings in my paper correctly. For this assignment, reduce that 6 pages to 4 pages and check the reference links and inside citation (paper MUST be in APA) is in the following components:

This is the Assignment down here:

Identify and describe a criminal justice program in your community (you may use the program described in Discussion Post #2).

What is the mission of the program and specific population served?

What services does this program provide?

In what way does this particular program address a significant need in the community? Make sure to cite the relevant information source to support the need for the program.

In what way(s) would the program benefit from an evaluation?

What are some ethical considerations in the planning and implementation of this program evaluation?

Consider this: If you were hired as an external evaluator to evaluate this program, what are some initial steps you would take to plan this evaluation?

First thing, I want you to do before making that correction I want you to read those chapters readings and PowerPoint, I send to you as an attachment. In order to understand the essay paper and to be able to make any correction perfectly you have to looks at those attachments.

Based on those chapters’ readings and PowerPoints looks at the essay make sure all questions are answer perfectly. You can replace whatever phrases you thing that makes any sense. Moreover, make sure all paragraph are complete sentences. And reduce paper to 4 pages.

Required Reading:

Vito, G. F. & Higgins, G. E. (2015). Practical Program Evaluation for Criminal Justice.

Waltham, MA: Elsevier.

American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication Manual of the Psychological

Association. (6th ed.). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Assignments must be written and typed following the guidelines in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA manual), and must be written at college level, with good sentence structure and good syntax. Students must also adhere to the professional guidelines for the use of copyrighted literature and commercially produced materials, as well as materials generated by colleagues and friends and information collected from conferences and presentations.

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