paper writing 22

Write an argumentative essay on some aspect of “the media.”

The topic here is free-range within the field of “media.” Of course, one of the first things to consider is, what is media? Media includes books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials; radio, television, DVDs, VODs, Video Games, and other electronic communication devices intended to reach a wide audience; and, of course, the Internet and other online services such as social media. The key thing about media seems to be that it is a way of communicating (or miscommunicating, as the case may be) with large groups of people; hence, a telephone conversation (targeted to a single person) generally is not considered media-related.

Next, you need to narrow your focus. “Media” is such a broad topic that it is impossible to deal adequately with it in an essay of any length; even books cannot individually cope with any degree of depth with the subject of media. Therefore, you should choose an argumentative focus on some smaller aspect related to media.

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