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Controlling healthcare costs and preventing adverse health outcome continue to be a challenge since management of these conditions are highly influenced by patient behaviors. recently, patient engagement has become a major focused of healthcare reform.

There is, therefore, a critical need to examine patient engagement in the presence of multiple chronic condition. In the absence of such information, the opportunity to identify ways to effectively engage patient in their care management to improve health outcomes will likely remain at least somewhat unfulfilled.

Our long-term goal is to develop and implement effective patient engagement strategies to improve the care of patients with multiple chronic conditions. The overall objective in this application was 1) to develop a statistical model that could measure patient engagement level and 2) to investigate the impact of patient engagement on health outcome and healthcare costs. The rationales for the proposed project are: 1) early identification of patients who are less likely to engage would improve the care management of multiple chronic condition and 2) proof of the positive implication of patient engagement would provide new opportunities for the expansion of effective patient engagement. conditions of engagement.

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