path 1 child and family welfare scenario 1

In each of your Assignments in this course, you will select the path that relates to your specific concentration of study. The Assignment and grading rubric are the same regardless of your concentration though the actual scenario content differs.

In this Assignment, you will use your knowledge of ethics and best practices to identify the main issue presented by the client and develop a 4-page paper. In the paper, you will create an assessment and treatment plan for your client that includes his/her main problems (including any ethical issues), a prioritization of needs, an intervention plan and potential obstacles, and a plan to evaluate progress and next steps.

Choose the path of your career interest. Use the strength-based model in your planning. Remember the importance of a social support system in helping the client become more self-reliant. As your client becomes more confident, he/she will feel more confident in accepting more responsibility for filling his or her own needs. (Many clients initially lack these skills or confidence.)

Your Assignment should reflect professional writing standards using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct, accurate, and reflect knowledge of human service theories. The paper should be a minimum of four pages, double spaced, and in APA format.

Completing this Assignment brings you one step closer to graduation!

Path 1: Child and Family Welfare Scenario

For this assignment, create a child client who has lived in foster care for most of his/her life. The client was recently adopted and has struggled to adjust to the new family. Recently, an experienced foster family adopted him/her, and the client seems to be having adjustment problems

Path 2: Gerontology Scenario

You work in a sliding scale agency that helps seniors arrange their financial affairs. Your work is confidential because your agency helps seniors to plan their wills, estates, and medical treatment. You have access to their medical history and other personal information. One of your client’s daughters, Talia, drove her mother to your office and was visibly upset when asked to wait in the reception area instead of being allowed to attend the meeting. After Talia and your client leave, she calls you and demands copies of her mother’s financial plan.

Path 3: Human Services Management Scenario

You are a manager of a welfare-to-work office that oversees the employment training and case management for those who are unemployed. Many of your clients have been on public assistance (the TANF program, in particular) and have received everything from housing vouchers to food stamps to GED classes to medical checkups at your facility. One afternoon, a gentleman (James) claiming to be the husband of one of your clients (Michelle) requests to see his wife’s records. You check the file and see that the client specifically signed a form denying her “former husband” from accessing any of her private information.

Use your notes from past Readings and Discussions to write your paper in which you:

  1. Create a scenario using one of the three prompts above (one page).
  2. Identify the client information, including demographics (age, ethnicity, marital status if applicable), reason for referrals and the client’s main problem and needs. Include a discussion of any ethical problems and legal values, standards, and practices that might be present in these situations (one page).
  3. Provide an explanation of proposed interventions/best practice solutions (intervention plan) based upon a prioritization of needs using strength-based theory and description of possible obstacles that could prevent access to services (one page).
  4. Plan for evaluation of interventions (half page).
  5. Plan for next session (homework) (half page).
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