peer review 63


Hi Professor and Class:

The historical event that the class covered that was most interest to me was in week three and week four Chapters 19 of our book the progressive Era and chapter 20 becoming a world power. I must admit that I had begun to read a little earlier and could not wait to discuss with the class. The things that strike me the most from those times were the way women and minorities responded to challenges and the contributions they made to the American culture. The other was America rise to a world “Superpower.” It has always intrigued me how America got the position of policing the world and the role FDR played in getting America this status. “FDR” Franklin Delano Roosevelt is by far and will forever be my favorite president. It was great to read the contributions and decisions he had to make. To be honest, I always looked upon America as being a bully before this course but thanks to this course it has opened my eyes on the things that America had to do and continue to do to keep its citizens and citizens all over the world safe.To those of you that are Graduating and hearty congratulations to you. To those of you that are not slow and steady is the paste we too shall be there momentarily.




The historical event that we covered that was most interesting to me was the Industrial Revolution. The inventions of the light bulb and the telephone made communicating and working in the factories easier. The electicity made everything easier because everything necessary for business growth and prosperity ran on electricity. The lights needed to see and the telephone needed to help with communication run on electricity. I would not be able to work in a factory that did not have adequate lighting for me to see. That leads me to my second point of children working in those dimly lit factories. I was upset that they used children to work in the factories and even more upset to know that they were used, because of their tiny hands, to clear the machines. In those dim lit areas with machines that would easily chop or mash those tiny hands and kill those poor children. I am split on my feelings of the “progress” of the United States and those they sacrifice to et ahead.

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