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Persuasive Essay Assignment 1 Reward System at Business Run Author: James G. Clawson

At BusinessRun, inc. it was time to reflect on the rewarding system. Since Henry Brubaker had joined the organization 4 months ago, it was clear to him that the sales force wasn’t engaged and the budget was a risky business for that year. Furthermore, salesmen weren’t happy with the current company’s decisions affecting their product portfolio.

BusinessRun was a subsidiary of a strong bank. It was operating in the B2B market with web based integration services. After its fast and exceptional growth following its incorporation 5 years ago, BusinessRun had been trying for almost 1 year to diversify its products line and to introduce more products to create a stronger legacy with its customers. Unfortunately, because the market was new and there was not yet a well-defined business model, it was not clear what the market would prefer the most and what would be paid to buy those services. Hence, BusinessRun decided to launch several products, following the indications coming from its marketing department. To push the sales force to promote and sell these new tools, the human resource (HR) management department introduced additional incentives, based on one time monetary reward bonuses.

The sales force, almost composed by the same people since BusinessRun’s incorporation, was paid with a high fixed base (almost 80% of the total annual salary) and a low bonus, based on the model currently held by the holding company. There also was a cap that limited the maximum amount of money a sales person could gain in any given year. After the first 2 years that BusinessRun had been in business, it was challenging for the salesmen to get the bonus because each person’s targets were raised very fast every year due to the exceptional company growth.

The majority of the sales people, particularly the oldest and most experienced ones, expressed their disappointment with the fact that most of the new tools were proposed to the market without asking their opinion in the product design phase. In addition, they pointed out that the one-time monetary bonus were too low, related to their total salary and to the money BusinessRun would have gained from the sale, to justify the effort and the risks incurred in the sale of these new products.

Henry Brubaker joined the company after being sales director of a start-up also involved in the B2B market. As Sales Executive of BusinessRun, he now perceived the strong influence of the holding company in BusinessRun’s decision making process. After 4 months the picture was almost clear in his mind: there was no more time to wait, he had to move quickly and clearly to engage the sales force and to allow BusinessRun to achieve the budget and continue the company’s growing process.

Is BusinessRun facing a crisis? Put yourself in Henry’s shoes and make recommendations to the top management at BusinessRun.

  • – Assume you are Henry writing an email to your boss. Write a brief email (about 300 words) addressed to your boss. Identify the issues at BusinessRun, and suggest an action plan to fix those. Your recommendations must be detailed, actionable, and guided by the class material (i.e., theories/concepts of motivation discussed in class and potentially the textbook).
  • – In the second part of your write-up, in about 100 words you should discuss 1-2 personal takeaways, which should clearly relate to class concepts. Note:

– Do mention any assumptions you need to make while preparing your recommendations.

These can be presented in an appendix.

Required format:

  • – 1” margin all around, double spacing, and size 12 times new roman font.
  • – Paper length: First page with email (300 words); Second page with takeaways (100 words); Third page with any appendices & references.


Problem Identification & Analysis

  • ‐ Shows understanding of the situation at BR (summarizes the situation adequately)
  • ‐ Analyzes the issues in light of class concepts
  • ‐ Applies multiple perspectives (i.e., thinks about the various stakeholders)
  • ‐ Any assumptions are clearly noted, and separated from the information given in the case. Recommendations
  • ‐ Presents at least 1-2 ideas to alleviate the problems identified above
  • ‐ Discusses why the ideas will solve the problem (draws on class concepts implicitly or explicitly)
  • ‐ Discusses briefly how the ideas can be implemented
  • ‐ Considers the impact of the ideas on all of the stakeholders Personal Take-aways
  • ‐ Reflects on the case in light of concepts discussed in class.
  • ‐ Clearly draws on relevant concepts discussed in class Formatting etc.
  • ‐ Follows formatting requirements provided by the instructor
  • ‐ Shows god command of language & writing skills o Follows proper addressing norms etc. (per the given instructions)
    o Creates strong beginning & end of the memo
    o Ensures the entire essay has no more than 1-2 typos & grammatical mistakes
  • ‐ Recognizes information sources (other than the textbook) both in-text & in Reference section using APA standards.

^ this just a reminder

The essay should be 300 words no less no more and it is okay if it is 305 or something like this and also the personal take away need to be 100 or 105 something like this. attached is the essay and the feedback in what do need to adjust. thank you

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