physical geography global circulation patterns of winds and pressure belts

The PDF of the map i provided is what you need to print out and draw on and send it back to me completed with everything required. I need all of the Wind belts and all of the Pressure belts and the cells that are created between them (Hadley, Ferrel and Polar) this is all described in details in the video provided and it really will help to solidify the concepts in your mind if you do the map while following along with the video and stopping the video as needed to get in the information you need.

The convection cells that are created are called:

Hadley: between the equator and 30 degrees north or south of the equator
Ferrel: between 30 – 60 degrees north and 30 – 60 degrees south
Polar: between 60 – 90 degrees north and 60 – 90 degrees south

These cells are related to zones of High and Low Pressure on the earth’s surface and how the heat the earth system receives can then be distributed in the atmosphere. We can also see where the air will want to flow as winds in this global system based on the Forces discussed earlier.

Please Draw the 3 Convection Cells on the right side of your Map printout and label the pressure and wind belts (including wind direction) discussed in the last video and the next video.Ive provided the links to helpful videos.

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