pick one public relation organization and follow the instructions

Pick one Public Relation Organization

For this assignment, you will evaluate the public relations efforts of an organization of your choice. Focus on incorporating the following elements in your analysis: audience coverage, audience response, campaign impact, and/or environmental assessment. Describe any research the organization may have done to launch the campaign, what model/s was/were used, what theories apply to the campaign, etc. Overall, you are assessing the effectiveness of the PR effort: What did the campaign get right? What could have been done better? If an organization were to replicate the campaign in the future, what factors should they consider?

If you are interested in sports marketing, for example, seek out a public relations campaign based around sports, athletes, or athletic organizations. If you are interested in crisis communication, look for examples of organizations responding to potentially negative situations.

Audience Coverage – Audience coverage evaluation is the practice of analyzing and assessing how many target customers saw or heard your marketing messages.

Audience Response – Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, to create interactivity between a presenter and his/her audience.

Campaign Impact – Measure the cumulative impact of public relations campaign, keeping in mind the goals developed in the planning phase.

Environmental Mediation – Practitioners must realize that the public relations campaign is not the only influence on the attitudes and behaviors of their public. Public relations campaigns exist in an environment of social processes that can have as much or more effect on the goals of the effort as the prepared messages do.

This paper should be 4 pages long, not including the cover page or reference page. You can use any digital resources and be sure to include in-text citations for any sources.

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