please answer the following two questions below in two complete 3 pages for each questions yet concise essays

Greek Civilization

Midterm Examination

Please answer the following two questions below in two complete, (3 pages for each questions) yet concise essays. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Double space and use an appropriate font and margins. Use quotes from and citations to the documents we have read in class when appropriate. Write in formal academic English. You will be graded on both your content and your prose and each answer is worth 150 points.

  • Epic poetry can tell us much about the society that created it. What do the works of Homer and Hesiod tell us about the early polis world? Be sure to discuss the “problem of orality” along other issues.
  • Detail the development of Sparta and Athens uses the texts we have read for class. Why might they have developed differently?
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