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Week 2: Design Requirements

  • Design the conceptual, logical, and physical aspects of the data warehouse based on requirements.
  • Explain very deeply about conceptual, logical, and physical aspects of the data warehouse that are required
  • Explain what are conceptual, logical, and physical aspects of the data warehouse

Worked Example

Please refer to the Worked Example below for an example of this assignment based on the Problem-Based Learning Scenario. The worked example is not intended to be a complete example of the assignment, but it will illustrate the basic concepts that are required for completion of the assignment and can be used as a general guideline for your own project. Your assignment submission should be more detailed and specific and should reflect your own approach to the assignment rather than just following the same outline provided in the worked example.

Case Study: Problem 2

You are a consultant for a company called Sky Product. Currently, the customer service, sales, and marketing departments have customer information stored in their own departments. There is no way for each department to know any customer information outside of its own department. This has led to missed opportunities to cross-market products and services to existing customers and more time needed for customer service to research and resolve customer issues.

Customer service vice president (VP) Candy Shores needs marketing and sales information concerning Sky Product’s customers to offer the best customer service. She needs data on new products or services, or understanding where the customers are in the sales process to meet their needs in a timely way. She has urged the committee to have you, the consultant, gather data to store customer, sales, and marketing information in the data warehouse. It is your job to research and collect the customer service information from the various departments to determine the requirements for the data warehouse. The goal is to provide information from all 3 departments in 1 customer view by customer account number.

The data warehouse committee has received the first part of the data warehouse document, the requirements definition. The requirements will now be used to design the conceptual, logical, and physical aspects of the data warehouse, with the goal of providing information from all 3 departments in one customer view by customer account number.

please check the example attached

Note- please make sure you do it very very good online research and make a good understand on the topic before do the design.

please be on time

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