please read the article and answer the questions

Evelyn Baring, Modern Egypt (London: Macmillan, 1908) (in course guide)

  • How does Baring describe the European mind? The “Oriental” mind?
  • What are the main differences he identifies between the two?
  • Why might Baring take the position that he does on those differences?
  • What does Baring say about the Oriental’s ability to learn?
  • What role do race and colonialism play in Baring’s analysis?

“Edward Said on Orientalism,” Sut Jhally, Director, 1998, YouTube,

  • What is Orientalism?
  • In what kinds of sources can one find examples of Orientalism?
  • How does terrorism factor into the concept and history of Orientalism?

Please indicate where to find the answer, which page, which paragraph, which sentence?

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