please write two pages without including the references page

Pick a side (or you can do both if you want to) in the NAFTA debate.

Has NAFTA been bad (for who is an important question – the US, Mexico, Canada, all three?) and tell me why it needs to be done away with or renegotiated?


Has NAFTA been good (for who?) and tell me why the benefits outweigh the costs?

This can be done in a bullet point fashion but I want to cite where your arguments come from. Try to think of this debate from many angles. This is an important trade conversation being had in the US right now

the above section is what the teacher write for us:

please try not to use big or hard words

and you can use these links if you want and please let me know which one you used and give me outline about what you write about.

so you can write about why NAFTA is good

or why NAFTA is bad

or you can write about both and compare……

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