Read the first three chapters of the PMBOK, Sixth Edition, pages 1 – 68.

In your own words, briefly explain Project Management.

Identify and describe the five process groups, as identified in the PMBOK.

If you notice:

  • The text lists varying project phases (which differ from the PMBOK).
  • The old Triple Constraint Theory has been expanded to no longer be limited to scope, budget, and schedule with quality as risk impacting.
    • The PMBOK (Sixth Edition) lists competing project constraints on page 60 which are qualified with the words “but not limited to”.
    • The textbook (Pinto) illustrates The New Quadruple Constraint on page 17.
  • PMI has also modified the PMP exam and the PMBOK several times.

What do these changes indicate regarding project management and the overall role of the Project Manager?

Do these changes affect your personal understanding/description of project management?

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