Complete the following three-part assignment in a single Microsoft® Word document. Use APA formatting throughout.

Step 1 of 3:

Choose one topic from the l1st below and write a supported opinion.

Choose one topic from the list below or request approval from the Instructor on one of your own. Then, locate two articles from credible sources in the University Library and then provide your opinion on one of the topics, in at least 150 words. This should be more than just your unsupported opinion, it should include in text citations. Use the two researched articles to support or refute your opinion/position, citing them within your text:

  • US Healthcare system 
  • Climate change
  • US National debt
  • Death penalty
  • Or Ask your Instructor for approval of a  different significant social, political or educational issue.

Step 2 of 3:

Write two paragraphs on source reliability

  • Use the two articles you have located from the University Library or the Internet and discuss the following, in at least 100 words per article:
  • Is the information contained in each article reliable? Explain why or why not.
  • Identify the authors. Are the authors’ (background, experience, education) credible or not-credible? Why or why not?
  • Overall, Is the article credible? Why?

Step 3 of 3:

Reflect on your original opinion of your topic in at least 125 words. Consider the following questions for your response:

  • Which of the two articles was more persuasive? Why?
  • Has your opinion changed after reading the articles? Why or why not?
  • What type of information and research would you need to change your opinion if it did not change?

Cite your references in APA format, including the course texts.

Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines, icluding cover and reference pages.

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