political and legal foundations of fire protection unit 7

Research and select an article or other publication (no more than five years old) directly related to inappropriate firefighter behavior/conduct/activity off the job.

Complete a critique of the article. Your completed article critique must include a cover page and a separate paragraph for each of the following:

ï‚· An introduction and overview of the article.

ï‚· A clear identification of the inappropriate firefighter behavior/conduct/activity.

ï‚· Discuss what policies your department has in place to prevent and address off duty behavior/conduct/activity.

ï‚· Describe any training that is conducted or that you believe should be conducted to address the impact of off duty activities on your official position. In your description, identify whether this training covers ethics and conflicts of interest.

ï‚· Discuss the outcome of the inappropriate firefighter behavior/conduct/activity. Do you agree or disagree with the outcome? Explain why. If an outcome has not been established, discuss what you feel should be the result of the inappropriate firefighter behavior/conduct/activity, and why.

The completed assignment should be at least 1½ to 2 pages (not including cover page) and include the article link or reference.

APA Format Please.

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