political science 62

Write a summary of a scholarly article published in an academic journal.

The article should have the same independent variable as your term paper. It does not need to have the same dependent variable(s) or cases.

To complete this assignment, you must complete both a general summary of the article and a detailed summary of the independent variable as used in the article.

For the general summary describe, as precisely as possible, the following:

  • the research question
  • the hypothesis
  • the key independent variables
  • the dependent variable
  • the units of observation
  • the findings

For the independent variable discussion, describe, as precisely as possible, the following:

  • the precise definition of the independent variable
  • the author’s discussion of the conventional wisdom (among political scientists) of the consequences of the independent variable
  • the way the author operationalizes the variable
  • a complete explanation of one example, from the article, of one of the cases (or observations) the author uses and how the author described the state of the independent variable for that case

Your summary must include a complete citation.

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