power point 3 1

To: New Consulting Team Member
From: CEO
Re: presentation #3

Great to see you completed that last presentation – hope you are ready for our next presentation. This client is a medium sized manufacturer and sells products worldwide. The client has explained that recently the company’s management team determined their style of leadership needs to be revamped to stay competitive in the world market. The client would like you to examine the kinds of decision making that best support a successful role for their managers. They are looking to become a high performance organization and want you to explain the pros and cons of 3 decision making styles for leadership. Then you are to make a recommendation and justify your recommendation. Remember this organization wants high performance.

After meeting several times, the task force has come to a complete standstill because of the following issues. In case you were wondering, you were chosen because you came into work last this morning, so don’t let us down. I am counting on you to provide solutions to our client’s issues.


Create a power point of 5-7 slides not including title slide and reference slide. Include a visual presentation of your PowerPoint (include 2 to 5 related photo or graphical images in your presentation).

Take one topic from the reading that you do not know about and create a power point for your peers explaining the concept.

See powerpoints attached for course material from this week.

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