practice issues in nursing

Unintentional torts can be the result of an action taken or neglecting to take action. In the professional practice of nursing, these unintentional torts may be defined as negligence or malpractice. Malpractice is defined as professional negligence.

In this assignment, you will examine unintentional torts and intentional torts.


Consider the components of malpractice described in your textbook as related to the following nursing practice issue.

In a maximum of 300 words, post your response to the following case:

A patient is admitted to the hospital for recurring kidney stones. The physician writes an order for a PICC line to be inserted. When the nurse inserts the line into the basilic vein, the patient complains of pain. After the insertion is completed, the patient continues to complain of pain. The patient is returned to her room. Twenty-four hours later, the nurse who inserted the PICC line checks on the patient and the patient complains of numbness in her thumb and index finger and along the radial aspect of her entire lower arm. The nurse repositions the patient’s arm and tells the patient to call if the numbness does not go away. Five hours later, the patient calls the IV nurse to say she can no longer move her thumb and index finger. The nurse returns to the patient’s room and removes the PICC line.

The patient required follow-up surgery which improved her dexterity slightly, but she continued with weakness in her hand. The patient is a professional piano player and states she can no longer play the piano well enough to maintain her employment.

  • Based on tort law, describe each of the components of malpractice and whether they have been met.
  • What nursing standards of care were involved in this case?
  • What ethical issues, if any, need to be considered based on the ANA Code of Ethics?

Submission Details: Consider sharing your own experiences and interpretation of the research needs with their chosen cultural groups. Support your findings with examples and scholarly references. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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