principles marketing and financial management homework help

Need help to complete homework on two lessons;


1. Principles of Marketing


Unit VII Research Project 


Marketing Plan 


This week you will continue your comprehensive marketing plan researching the SAME company that you researched in previous units. Again, utilizing the CSU Online Library, you will research the various elements of the marketing plan as it relates to this company. In Unit VII you will provide a comprehensive discussion of the pricing strategies of your company. 



This section will provide a comprehensive look at the pricing strategies of your organization. Begin with a look at the overall pricing objectives used by your company. This might include profit orientation, sales orientation, or status quo orientation. From there, review the pricing policies and include a look at the flexibility of the pricing structure, prices over the product life cycle, and discounts or allowances. Review Chapter 16 in the textbook for a complete understanding of how companies utilize pricing strategies. 


Competitive Advantage 

Does your company has a competitive advantage WITH RESPECT TO PRICING? The idea is to discuss whether your company has a competitive advantage with respect to how they price their products? Again, this section should only discuss whether your company has a competitive advantage with respect to price (product, promotion and place are discussed in other sections). Once you have stated your position, remember to include your rationale. 


Your submission should be a minimum of two pages in length, double-spaced with a reference page and title page. References should include at least one additional, credible reference beyond the textbook. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and cited per APA guidelines. Include the use of subheadings (this week consider Pricing and Competitive Advantage in Pricing). 



2. Financial Managment Homework


Unit Learning Objectives: Each unit contains Unit Learning Objectives that specify the measurable skills and knowledge students should gain upon completion of the unit. 

2. Written Lectures: Each unit contains a Written Lecture, which discusses lesson material. 

3. Reading Assignments: Each unit contains Reading Assignments from one or more chapters from the textbook. Supplemental Readings are provided in the Unit I, II, V and VI study guides to aid students in their course of study. 

4. Learning Activities (Non-Graded): These non-graded Learning Activities are provided in Units I and III to aid students in their course of study. 

5. Key Terms: Key Terms are intended to guide students in their course of study. Students should pay particular attention to Key Terms as they represent important concepts within the unit material and reading. 


6. Unit Assessments: This course contains eight Unit Assessments, one to be completed at the end of each unit. Assessments are composed of written response questions and/or problems. A grading rubric is included with the Unit I Assessment. Specific information about accessing these rubrics is provided below. 


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