The Mid Term Exam will comprise 25% of your final grade. It will be structured to cover material from Weeks 1, 2, and 3. Students may earn a score of up to 100 for the each exam. You will be provided with four essay questions. You are required to respond to each question. Each response will be worth 25 points. Your original response to each essay question is to be between 500-700 words – excluding direct quotes. You are to provide at least 3 references other than your textbook to support each response. These references are to be in APA format. Corresponding citations should be included in your response to document/support the facts you provide. You may access the exam several times during the exam period however it may only be submitted once. The exams must be submitted to your professor as indicated on the Course Schedule and Grading Policy Summary Table. Exam essays will be graded based on the Exam Essay Rubric found in your course site.

What factors influenced public and private sector changes in private security strategy since the Civil War?

Explain the legal guidelines for applicant screening.

How does “broken windows” theory and situational crime prevention theory relate to security?

What is digital evidence? Include examples and at least three guidelines for the workplace.


Purpura, P.P. (2013). Security and loss Prevention: An Introduction (6th ed). Waltham, MA: Elsevier


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