privatization of the va system or any social entitlement such as medicare or medicaid as a method for improvement

This should demonstrate the following qualities: (1) a thorough understanding of the issues; (2) substantial detail demonstrating critical thinking skills and real world experiences. (3) clear reflection of information from the assigned reading(s) and/or other student research; where such readings and research is appropriately cited using APA citation standards; and include in cite text (3) applications or examples from current issues, events, and/or student experiences that influenced their analysis are given in the post.Needs to be 200 and 400 words and secondary posts may often be 100 words or more. That said, the response quality demonstrating concept application is the primary determiner.

In recent news, heated debate among lawmakers persists regarding the condition of the current Veteran’s Administration (VA) and its role to provide significantly better health care and shorter wait times for this growing population segment. Because many of our Veterans require both physical and psychological attention (primarily related to PTSD), discuss how state and national policies should adapt now and in the future toward helping our Vets better assimilate back into society–body, mind, and spirit. Do you advocate for privatization of the VA system or any social entitlement, such as Medicare or Medicaid as a method for improvement? Explain.

Use these references and include APA in- text citations and 1 additional current peer review journal.

Leavitt, J.K., Chaffee, M.W., Masong, D.J. (2013). Policy and politics in nursing and healthcare (6th Edition).New York: Elsevier Publishing.

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