professional french writer

Don’t ever use google translate do to what I am asking or the teacher will give Zero and I will get my money back, so don’t waste your time and my time
I want someone who is very professional in French writing to to those things:

1- For the picture attached:
* write about anything associated with the image, even if you are elaborating or imagining a bit from what you see in the image.
* I am looking for simple and accurate language.
* You will compose 6 sentences about an image that I will provide beforehand. There will be no dictionaries or reference materials allowed.
* I will attach a unit vocabulary you may use.

2- Solve the map file attached.

3- Solve the midterm file attached:
* First step is to choose a topic (see syllabus for the three choices).
* we did end up watching the end of Kirikou et la sorciere / Kirikou and the sorceress
* syllabus will be attached.

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