professionalism easy reply 2

My past experience I was a supervisor in retail. I always help others accountable because if not, the ones not pulling their weight were making everyone look bad. I would set daily goals and assign tasks to each worker. I would help out with the bigger jobs and I would check in with the others to verify they were staying on track. I would do so by asking if they were doing ok and if they felt that they were able to complete the task assigned. If they did not feel they could accomplish the task, we would discuss what the obsticals were that created the issue. We worked together to fix them and when the duties were completed I would thank the staff for all their hard work. At the end of every day I would have a meeting and praise all the hard workers and point out if anyone exceeded the tasks and helped others finish as well. I tried to recognize everyone, everyday when hard work was given.

Agree or disagree within 2- 3 sentences

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