Project Managmen 6.2

  1. APA format non plagarized
  2. Review the Discussion Questions and User Checklist at the end of Chapter 8, Strategic Issues in Project Management, in your text Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation.
  3. In the User Checklist, identify the questions that you believe are relevant to the assigned readings for this module (Study Guide, textbooks, and web readings).
  4. Questions examples: Define a strategic issue, select a project managment situation from your work or school, and list the strategic issues, What is meant by the strategic relevance of an issues, how can managment assess the critacality and urgency of a strategic issue
  5. Answer each question as it applies to your organization, (Johnson & Johnson) or interview someone about their organization. Suggestion:If feasible, use the same organization that you did to complete the graded applications in previous modules.
  6. Review your results from Step 3 and explain the reasons for each. For ideas, refer to the Discussion Questions, the assigned readings for this module, your own experience, or other resources that you think are relevant.
    1. Write a paper that includes this information:
    2. The name of the organization and pertinent background information about it.
    • Your results from Steps 2-4.
    • Any additional conclusions you can draw from your answers.
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