proof reading and correction 1

Open those attachments check to see if all sentences are complete and make any correction possible.

What ever correction you make leave each question to 2 pages in half.

There are 4 questions. for each question try to reduce some paragraphs that you feel do not really make sense and replace them on each question by some of the supporting details from the book of Hemmens and Israel.

Based on Final Exam Intructions attachment I send to you look at my essay to see if everything are followed correctly.

I send you one attachment for question # 2, and 2 attachments for question #6

Required Textbooks: POLICING: Searches; Surveillance; Profiling

Book 2 – Israel et al. (2016): Chapter 3

1. Israel, J. H., Kamisar, Y., LaFave, W. R., King, N. J., & Primus, E. B. (2016).

Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory

Text. West Academic Publishing. (ISBN: 9781634607544)

B. Suggested Readings:

1. D’Argenio, C., Owens, D., & Chin, J. (2012). Contemporary Issues in Criminal

Justice. Looseleaf Law Publications. (ISBN: 9781608850341)

2. Garner, B. (2011). Black’s Law Dictionary. West. (ISBN: 9780314275448)

3. Reiman, J., & Leighton, P. (2012). The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison:

Ideology, Class & Criminal Justice. Routledge. (ISBN: 9780205137725)

Read caefully and Follow all those instructions on the attachment

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