psyc 321 assignments

TASK 1: Sexism (10 points)

Please complete Glick & Fiske’s (1996) “Ambivalent Sexism Inventory” at:

When you complete the ASI (it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes), you will be given two scores, one for your level of hostile sexism and one for your level of benevolent sexism (the overall scores will range from 0 to 5 and can be decimal). You will also be able to compare your scores to others who took the survey online as well as some responses broken down by country.

Come back here and do the following:

*Provide and discuss your hostile and benevolent sexism scores

*Compare your scores to the average of other site visitors; to males & females; other countries

*Provide a commentary about these scores & concepts (just some questions to consider: do you think “ambivalent” sexism makes sense? How do you think the two types are related? How might we reduce each one? — discuss other questions that came to mind)

*Find one article from a social psychology journal that explored the ASI. Provide a brief summary of the article and make sure to include the proper APA citation for the source.

Hope you enjoy. Keep in mind that not all of you will agree with each other and that is just FINE; just make sure that along with opinion, you consider the social psychological principles at play!

TASK 2: Racism (6 points)

For this task, you will be watching TWO videos.

1. Please watch the following excerpt that someone has posted taken from Jane Elliott’s classic experiment titled “The Eye of the Storm”. This video is about 15 minutes long and while there are many others (including the over hour long original one), for our purposes here, you can get a strong sense of what happened with this summary video. Oh, there are also many other reenactments of this idea (Oprah Winfrey Show did one) and more under the original title of “A Class Divided” as well).

2. This is a “pseudo-study” looking at some related issues that was a reenactment done by a TV show (7:50 mts):

After watching these two videos, come back to this discussion with a commentary. Of course you may include your personal opinion, your own experiences and those of others but again, please, tie this into social psychological concepts from the chapters and write a comprehensive analysis to receive a high score.

As always, even if some of this material is disturbing or very personal, I hope you enjoy this method of learning. Also, don’t forget to respond meaningfully to others to get the 4 points!

–Dr. L

By the way, please be aware that I am selecting ‘sexism’ and ‘racism’ since they have been studied extensively by social psychologists. Unfortunately, as you know, there seem to be many “isms” referring to prejudice based on specific characteristics and we can’t cover them all.

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