psychological context of the issues ethics and interventions in evidence based practice

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Case of a fictitious veteran is a 31-year-old African-American who was active duty from 2012 until 2016 and deployed to Afghanistan from a 12-month deployment from 2013-2014. no religious grounding and rejects religious beliefs suffered a severe knee injury which rendered him incapable of serving, leading to his medical discharge. Since end of the service not been enough to cater for housing and other basic needs and has an income of under $1200 pcm. Single diagnosed with severe depression as well as alcohol and substance abuse disorder.

Only has one living family member, a father with a long-term substance abuse issue, now in a retirement home. Describes his return to civilian life as a difficult one, since he does not have a strong social support system, an issue which he attributes his homelessness to.

Psychological context of the issues (1 page)

Describe inadept the psychological context of the presented issue in the case. Please use at least one peer reviewed article.

Ethics (1 page)

Fully addresses what ethical issues are being faced or might be encountered provide an extensive and specific parts of the Code of Ethics that apply to the client scenario. What parts of the code of ethics (be specific) apply to this client scenario? (Be specific and cite the NASW Code of Ethics please) Address relevant ethical issues, ethical conflicts, and any other ethical principles that are important in this case analysis. Identify any personal and/or professional issues that may be important with regard to your professional practice, self-correction, and ability to communicate effectively with the client system or client.

NASW code of ethics must be referenced

Interventions in Evidence-Based Practice (1 page):

Provides a complete description detailing appropriate interventions that would be applied to this client case and provides one specific/detailed evidence-based intervention that they would choose. What interventions would you apply in this client scenario? What is one evidenced based intervention that you might apply in this scenario? Describe what intervention approach (es)/strategy (ies) has been specifically chosen to help remediate this problem, helping the client/client system resume more effective and productive functioning. As an example, a student could address the use of a particular medication or a specific therapeutic modality that helps a person experiencing a mental health issue. And, the client might also be engaging in a particular type of treatment group. Please use at least one peer reviewed article.

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