punctuation assignment


Please only address the underlined/underscored areas and the punctuation needed.Insert the “preferred” or a “permissible” punctuation mark where the punctuation mark is incorrect or non-existent. YOU ARE ONLY TO USE THE COMMA, THE


If the punctuation mark within an underlined area is already correct/permissible, simply write “correct” next to it. (Note: Not every underlined area demands punctuation at all; therefore, you might have to X out un-necessary punctuation marks.)DO NOT address any punctuation marks in the sentences below if the punctuation mark is NOT underlined/underscored; assume that it is correct. That is especially true of the “end” punctuation in each sentence:a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.

1.When the truck hit the walls___ and the fences___ it caused a great deal of damage.

2.Upon arriving at the dentist_;__ Harry immediately took out his insurance card.

3.Choreographer Alvin Ailey’s best-known work___ Revelations___ is more than just a crowd pleaser.

4.Twyla Tharp’s contemporary ballet___ Push Comes to Shove___ was made famous by Russian dancer Baryshnikov.[Note: Tharp has written more than one contemporary ballet.]

5.The home team won __,__because the other team forfeited the game.

6.I want to become a doctor__,__ so I have to take a lot of science classes.

7.Did you notice the smart ____attractive man sitting in the corner?

8.We did not receive the letter dated May 24 ___2006___ until May of 2007.

9.We stayed in


_,__Nebraska__;_ and Philadelphia__,__



10.Martin paid his dues__:_ therefore__,__ we allowed him to vote in the election.

11. The keys to the lower door were not___however___ in their usual place.

12.The score has tied __,__the game went into overtime.

13. Professor Brown has left the laboratory ___however, you may still be able to reach her through e-mail.

14.I want to buy a shirt__,_ and a pair of shoes!

15. Indubitably, I tell you___ Judge Judy___ I did not commit the crime!

16.After seeing an exhibition of Western art___ Gerhard Richter escaped from East Berlin___ Germany____ and smuggled out some of his notebooks.

17. Strange things happen at very low temperatures __,_a rose will shatter glass, inarguably.

18.There are three major Hindu gods___ Brahma___ the power that creates___ Shiva, the power that destroys___ and Vishnu, the power that restores.

19. On September 17, 2008 ___a phone call from the Lottery Commission changed the


’ lives___ they were informed that they won $100___000.00.

20.In his book Life Lines,



maintains that people should cry more___

“Life is difficult.Some people pretend that it is not, that we should be able to breeze through.Yet hardly a week passes in which most of us do not have something worth crying about.”

21. The American alligator lives in southern swamps ___ streams____ lakes___ and other bodies of water.

22.Although he had been in line first in the checkout line___ Deion let an elderly woman go ahead of him.

23.Muttering under his breath___ Hassan reviewed the terms he had memorized.

24.Hawaii___ which became the fiftieth state____ is made up of eight major islands.

25.I like apples ___and oranges.

26. The television sitcom was interrupted for a special news bulletin___ and I poked my head out of the kitchen to listen to the announcement.

27.Plastic surgery was developed to repair damaged tissue___but today it is often used to improve one’s appearance.

28.A line of dancing numerals on Sesame Street kicked_;__across the screen like a chorus line.

29. My god-daughter’s favorite albums are Illmatic__,__ by Nas ___;__ Burrprint_,___ by Gucci Mane__;_ Friday Night Lights__,___ by somebody named J. Cole__;__ and a cornucopia of mix-tapes by one Rick Ross.

Re-work the rhetorical pattern in the independent clauses below to make three possibilities correct, i.e. re-write the two complete thoughts below with an appropriate punctuation mark or other rhetorical strategies.Remember:Deal

with the blank space in Question #30 just below!

30. Ruth was tired of summer reruns____ she visited the town library to pick up some

interesting books. (Please insert a “permissible” punctuation mark above.)

Now, in sentences #31-33 “JOIN” the two independent clauses above DIFFERENTLY from sentence #30, i.e. how would you deal with the middle ______ in #30 differently for #31-33?

31 ._______________________________________________________________


33. ________________________________________________________________

34.Generally, please do not end OR begin a quoted passage / quoted direct dialogue with an ellipsis, i.e. those three little dots (…)____ ellipsis points are more commonly placed in the middle of quoted passages, when used at all.

35.Please use the diagonal slash ( / ) at the end of lines of poetry when you__,__ refer to lines of poetry in your college writing:“What happens to a dream deferred? / Does it dry up / like a raisin in the sun? / Or fester like a sore –.”

36.The excellent grammarian, who received his training partly from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland__,__ is rarely stumped by a student’s question___Could it be that any Morgan State University student may be the recipient of such a superior education? (Note:you are only to use a comma, semi-colon, or colon in the spaces:notaperiod.)

37.The bumpy___ sinuous road and the incredibly loud___ obnoxious music on the radio___ soon combined to give Marsupial a bad__,__ migraine headache and a violently___,___ upset stomach.

38.My great-nephew, Dyrell Roberts, is a flanker/flanker-back for Virginia Tech’s football team called the Hokies — (which means “butt-kicking, wild turkeys”)____his jersey number is 11. Go Hokies! (Go Bears!)

39.Martin Luther King, Jr. had not intended to be a preacher___,___ initially___,__ he

had planned to be a lawyer.

40. “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes,” is a famous quote by Desiderius Erasmus (1456?-1536) ____ a classical Italian Renaissance scholar/philosopher who wrote in a pure Latin style.


Use a comma, semi-colon, and/or colon were appropriate, please.

41.Generally a soccer team consists of eleven playersdefenders (or fullbacks) who defend the goal by trying to win control of the ball midfielders (or halfbacks) who play both defense and offense attackers (or forwards) whose primary responsibility is scoring goals and a goalkeeper (goalie) who guards the goal.

42. Soccer players depend on five skills kicking which entails striking the ball powerfully with the top of the foot dribbling which requires tapping or rolling the ball while running passing which is similar to kicking but with less power and more control heading which involves striking the ball with the forehead and trapping which is the momentary stopping of the ball.

43.Iwonder ifHillary Clinton will ultimately be the first female President of the United States__A) period is correct……B)A question mark is correct.

Think:Is the above sentence interrogative (?) or declarative(.) ?

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