Quantity is definitely a maxim of verbal communication communications homework help

Claim: Quantity is definitely a maxim of verbal communication set forth by Grice that can best explain the rules regarding “small talk” in Finland vs the United States. In Hall’s 2005 (p.142), we read the story of a family visiting Stockholm Sweden that where scolded by a local for talking and sharing too much in a public setting.

Definition: The four maxims usually used to analyze verbal communication are quality, quantity, relevance and manner (Hall 2005, p.139-144).

Example: An example from Donal Carbaugh’s account in Finland that reflects one end of your chosen maxim is:

“There are other possible sources of the Finnish claim about “superficial Americans” that are evi- dent in the kind of exchange described above. Some of these relate to ;That might be called rules for speaking. For Finns, especially when in public with people one does not know [really:I well, but sometimes with close friends, it is important to speak properly. One kind of proper speech is guided by some loose configuration of these rules:

  1. Don’t state the obvious.
  2. 11 speaking, say something worthy of everyone’s attention.
  3. Don’t invoke topics or themes that are con- tentious or conflictual (or more positively, keep present relations on harmonious ground).
  4. Be personally committed to or invested in what you say
  5. What you say properly—the unohvious, socially worthwhile, noncontentious, personally involving themes— forms a basis for subsequent interactions” (Carbaugh’s 1995, p. 223).

This illustrates that the Finnish culture value quantity and quality when engaging in verbal interaction.

Explanation: I think my examples illustrate my chosen frames because in Carbaugh’s writing, he states the some Finish have concluded that Americans are superficial because they engage in a friendly way, but then don’t act like a true friend at times and this conclusion comes from the quality and quantity of attention during interactions.

Word Count 150

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