random sampling 2

Part A

This week, you have two StatCrunch Assignment files, 1A and 1B. In the first, 1A, you will be guided through a process for selecting a random sample of StatCrunch U students. Use the concepts you have learned in Chapters 1-4.

Assignment 1A

Sampling Activity Worksheet – save a copy of this worksheet. You will need it while you work on Assignment 1A.

Now that you have gone through the process, use the random sample you collected and complete Assignment 1B. (You will use the same sample for the other StatCrunch Assignments during the course.) Only Assignment 1B is required to be turned in for grading. You have until the end of Module 3 to complete this assignment.

Assignment 1B

Assignment 1B Rubric

Part 2 Statistical P-Value Study (Discussion)

In StatCrunch Assignment 1A, you selected a random sample of 30 StatCrunch U students and then downloaded data on their responses to a survey. Use that file for this discussion activity. You will also need to study the file in Module 3 about Randomization tests.

Suppose you want to compare the amount of student loan debt for males and females at StatCrunch U. The null hypothesis for this problem would be that there is no difference in the mean amounts of student loan debt for males and females and the alternate hypotheses would be that there is a difference in mean amounts of student loan debt.

H0: µ(male) = µ(female)

Ha: µ(male) ≠ µ(female)

un StatCrunch

Using the sample you downloaded in StatCrunch Assignment 1A, conduct a randomization test for two means with 3000 randomizations. (Your input menu should be similar to the image.)


  1. Paste the output from your randomization test in the discussion area. For “How-to” instruction go to the StatCrunch Help (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 Website, specifically, Saving, Copying, Printing, and Downloading Results (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。. Copy and save the image, then insert your randomization image in the discussion area.
  2. What p-value did you get in your randomization? Explain in the context of the problem what the p-value means.
  3. Do you think the data support the null hypothesis of no difference in mean student loan debt between males and females or the alternate hypothesis that there is a difference? Explain your answer.

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