The paper will involve performing a ratio analysis of a major U.S. corporation. 

The online resources should be used to complete the paper.

You can choose any one U.S. company you like and download their financial statement, as well as a benchmark firm, calculate 9 – 10 key financial ratios from these statements and write a report that is based on a comparative and trend analysis covering a minimum of three years of data.

With respect to the narrative portion of the paper, you must have one paragraph for each ratio followed by one concluding paragraph.  Hence, if you discuss the 10 key ratios, discussed in the lecture notes, you should have a total of 11 paragraphs – one for each of the 10 ratios followed by one concluding paragraph where you highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this company based on your financial ratio analysis.

The paper is APA style, no less than 8 pages, no less than 8 references.


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