read the promt and first do proposal second write an essay for the promt

1) Do proposal in separate paper : read the prompt ( i attach it ) and do the proposal

Write one paragraph (this implies multiple sentences!) in which you:
• Clearly explain which option you are selecting from the choices on the Project 3 prompt (social issue website, job/career, internship, grad school, law school, future career goal, some other real world project).
• Explain why your topic is of particular interest or importance to you.
• Identify the two websites you want to analyze, and explain why each one is relevant to the option/topic identified above.

2) read the prompt and and write an essay ( do it in separate papers)

Building upon your rhetorical analysis skills, add framing analysis and website evaluation to investigate two websites. This is more of an analytical journal project than it is a formal writing assignment. Document your analysis in a journal format, and compose the short writing tasks as would be appropriate for the particular writing situation.
For the subject matter of this project, you have a choice between four options:
1. Contemporary social/political activist movement (e.g., an equality-related issue, animal rights, food movement, etc.). Conduct a website evaluation and framing analysis of two websites related to your selected issue.
2. Job/Career/Internship. Conduct a website evaluation and framing analysis of one of the following.
a. Two job or internship search websites related to your field. Do an evaluation of each website, but you can do your framing analysis on a combination of the website itself and specific job announcements. Begin with a search website like
b. Websites for two different companies in your field. See above for website evaluation and analysis options.
3. Grad School. Conduct a website evaluation and framing analysis of two graduate program websites relevant to your field.
4. Another option (related to your major) that we agree upon, such as analyzing articles/opinion pieces in different newspapers, analyzing political rhetoric, etc. ( if you choose this option my major is civil engineering and I attend San Diego State University)

see the details in attach file

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