reading response do not googling at least 350 words write as short essay

Write thorough, clear answers to the following questions. Your answers must be based on this week’s reading assignment. Some of these questions have multiple parts and require multi-part answers. If you quote directly from the reading, be sure to show that by usingquotation marks. If you don’t use quotation marks when taking text from another source, you have committed plagiarism and will fail the assignment. Only use direct quotations whennecessary: I want to see you using your own words. Get your information from this week’s assigned reading, NOT from outside Googling.

• How have some scholars mentioned by Straus related the Heiligenstadt Testament , which you read last week, to the Eroica ?

• What is significant about the new way that disability was understood in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (Beethoven’s lifetime)? How do the Heiligenstadt Testament and the Eroica represent this new way of thinking about disability? Be sure to offer detailed and specific information about each work in your answer.

• How is the treatment of disability in the Eighth Symphony (4 th mvt .) similar to that in theEroica (1 st mvt .)? More significantly, how i s it different ? As part of your answer, explain the stereotypes of disabled people that the two symphonies can be seen as enacting.

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