ready for testing

Prepare the outline of how the user test will be run, written instructions that you will read to the users, and any other materials (e.g. questionnaires, interview questions) that will be used during the session. This is called your experimental protocol, which is a step-by- step guide on how to run the experiment. It should be detailed enough that someone else could take the protocol and run your experiment without you being there. It ensures that you carry out the experiment in the same way for each participant. In this assignment you will actually only be formally interviewing three individuals regarding your design and its interaction. Nevertheless, you will formulate your experimental protocol as if you were going to do extended qualitative and quantitative testing of your application. Please be detailed and specific. You should also consider that your testing may require consent from your participants and/or clearance from an internal review board. It is always a good idea to include a consent statement from your participants whenever possible

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