reflection and engaging with the reading in 3 pages

The question of where the president’s power begins and ends has been a continuing debate, particularly on the question of war power and the military. The foundation of this discussion may be seen in the assigned readings with both historical and modern interpretations of Congress’ role. Using these more theoretical discussions of the role of the president (and Congress) respond to the following inquiry:

Who holds ultimate responsibility for military engagements of the United States. This includes many small engagements and larger ones including current actions in Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Does the “War Power” belong with Congress, the President, or somewhere else?

please be positive in your writing try not to write something negative about any president or prince that you will see in the reading and try to engage with the reading.

and please do not use big words.

the class name is American Government

I choose these articales and I attached them to you in the document:

Cato #4 (link)

“Congress is Abdicating…

“Senate Vote on Yemen”

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